tiny dinosaursBIG ADVENTURES. 

Lin Song

Only has one speed, FAST!

Never met a challenge she didn't like.

Has asked her parents to officially change her name to DANGER!

Always hungry. Always.

Danny Hammer

Loves science and inventing new gadgets. 

Happiest when riding Bruno.

Believes in the motto

​Plan First, Play Later.

Braver than he looks.

Bruno 2

Acts like a puppy most

of the time.

Loves peanut butter.

Goes NUTSO when

​he sees red!

a true adventuring crew


Perhaps the most lovable Microsaur of them all.

Has a VERY loud HONK that calls together all the other Microsaurs. 

Penrod says she's the smoothest ride in the Microterium.


So fast she is often mistaken for a blur.

Always trying to make Lin happy. 

Can do a double-backflip.

Does NOT like to get messy.


The Microsaur that first led Danny and Lin to the Microterium.

Loves anything shiny.

The King of the Pterodactyls.

Victoria Van-Varbles

Lin's nemesis!

Thinks glitter is a requirement for all fashion accessories.

A bit on the spoiled side, and by a bit, I mean totally spoiled.

Professor Penrod

A perfectly please paleontologist.

Followed in his Uncle, Percy Penrod's footsteps

and continued his research about Microsaurs.

Inventor of the Shrink-A-Fier...or was he?